As IoT is now more widely adopted, cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly critical topic to address for products and systems. We sat down with Kevin Voellmer, Founder of our newest venture Deflect, to get insights into what's fueling this venture and why cybersecurity should be a part of any well-designed system.


Kevin Voellmer is an entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert who, after completing his studies in information security, actively consulted stateside in IT for startups and insurers. An international path led him to NBT’s venture development department in Berlin. We just co-founded a new business together– bringing Kevin access to a global insurance partner, mentorship, financing and tech support. Welcome to the NBT Family, Kevin!


So tell us briefly about Deflect? What cause is driving you?

The world is full of IoT technology, and Deflect’s mission is to help organizations protect that tech. To achieve this goal, we provide expert guidance throughout design, development, and operation. We put ourselves in the shoes of an attacker in order to identify vulnerabilities before they do. We prioritize educating our clients about how vulnerabilities occur, and giving them the tools to prevent them in the future.


Break down the security problem for us.

Network connected devices play an increasingly critical role in our physical world, making their security more important than ever before. Failure of these devices could lead to the collapse of critical infrastructure that people rely on every day. These risks impact everyone from large financial, healthcare, or industrial organizations, to people like you and me.


How does Deflect tackle the solution?

We work with organizations to identify vulnerabilities and improve their security posture. We achieve this by performing architecture security reviews, penetration testing, and security training workshops. Our goal is not only to provide solutions to security problems but also to teach clients how to design systems with best security practices in mind, from the bottom up. We take a hands-on approach; the best results come when we build a thorough understanding of the goals of an organization and the people who work there.


What’s your future vision and how will you arrive there?

We envision a future where connected devices allow us to live more comfortable and productive lives. We can make this a reality by working with organizations across industries to provide innovative solutions to some of the most complex security issues facing us today. We feel that security is everyone’s responsibility and we aim to provide the tools and knowledge that people need to build a safe and connected future.


Visit Deflect’s website to learn more. You can watch the full video interview here.

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