The life of a founder is a constant tug-of-war between success and failure. Moments of pressure and struggle often lead to doubt and failure, putting founders in nerve-racking situations. Certain tough tasks remain unavoidable for founders, as we’ve pointed out in a previous article. Now, enter company builders, offering integral support to founders from all backgrounds. 

Beyond the omnipresent pressure that founders face, a key decision factor lingers: how can I increase my odds of success? To reach the goal of success, founders might ask themselves these follow-up questions: how do I attract the right talent, build my solution, gain more funding and establish a better network? What strategic alliances might bring my company to life?

To grapple with these unknowns, entrepreneurs are looking towards incubator and accelerator programs, where they receive access to funding or networking opportunities. Now, a new model called company building, proves to be even more efficient in providing integral assistance and holistic guidance to startups and entrepreneurs alike on the quest of developing the next unicorn.

Handling administrative work, legal pressures, and managing a team of people while retaining some sense of a personal life, makes finding work-life balance for a founder quite difficult. Stress is a daily reality. The company builder is there to alleviate some of that pressure.

Unlike traditional models of business development and growth associated with accelerators and incubators, company building is a means to strike a balance; calculated support helps the new company reach both scalable growth and stability.

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Company Building as a Means of Innovation

While the formal definition of company building is loosely defined, the online magazine for startups and the digital economy, Gründerszene, frames company building as a method of business development where the company builder focuses on creating a well-organized and successful company. Success involves pursuing goals quickly and effectively while bringing structured company development in assembling the team, delivering ideas, or actively participating in the operative side of the business. The company builder seeks to build partnered ventures that are nurtured throughout the entire business lifecycle, supported by an ecosystem of specialists provided by the company builder.

A good company builder proactively promotes the foundation of the new venture and makes a significant contribution to its development. Similar to a parent-subsidiary company relationship, the company builder-venture relationship relies on integral support. But in the case of the company builder, the new venture acts more autonomously, shaping its own future with the help of initial mentorship, investment, partner networks, and continued guidance.

Challenges that arise from incubator and accelerator models can also be better tackled via company building. Specific solutions are tailored to specific problems, as opposed to developing solutions in isolation and later attempting to apply them. Interdisciplinary knowledge sharing is provided by the supporting ecosystem surrounding the company builder. Through co-development, both the company builder and venture founders become shareholders; this results in both the startup and the company builder striving to achieve the same goals.

Co-Founding with NBT

As a hands-on company builder, we at Next Big Thing AG go a step further. We provide all the ingredients that founders need to develop an asymmetric advantage in their business. Here’s how we what we offer substantially increases their odds of success:

  • Funding gives founders the means to accelerate product development, and together with NBT’s HR department, to hire the top talent to bring their vision to life.
  • Collective intelligence of NBT’s executives, venture developers, and engineers helps address complex problems with clever solutions that have already proven successful.
  • Technical capabilities of NBT’s Tech Team consist of hardware, mechanical, firmware, frontend and backend professionalism, with decades of combined IoT & Blockchain experience and production knowledge.
  • Through Germany's de:hub, we reach a network of corporations, investors, and technological partners providing leverage to quickly strike first customer engagements and convince investors to lead future fundraising rounds.

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NBT's Asymmetric Advantage for Founders 

Here at NBT, we see innovation as a shared goal for which we’ve developed concepts of parallel learning and expertise to drive new ideas. Providing integral support from engineering and marketing, to business development and human resources, is the logical path to increase the success rate of an early-stage startup.

In doing so, NBT is prepared to be the co-founder of your new IoT & blockchain idea. We guide you along the way, with business and tech support at every stage.

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