NBT Hosts Students During CODE’s Projects & Partners Day




Evolution, chess moves, and atomic theory: Next Big Thing’s Jasmin Skenderi somehow fluidly connects these conceptual dots to tech innovation. As part of CODE’s Projects & Partners Day on October 30, 2018, Jasmin presented to two groups of CODE University students who were curious about NBT’s approach to tech company building.




This all starts to make sense since when you know that NBT and CODE are both 4th floor neighbors at the Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park location. The two are exploring an alignment in order to offer students opportunities to contribute to real-world projects across verticals where NBT builds companies.

During the morning kick-off of a day dedicated to exploring relationships with collaboration partners, Jasmin introduced himself as CTO of Next Big Thing AG (NBT). He welcomed the students as he led them on a guided tour of the NBT office and lab in order to get familiar with what makes NBT tick.

Across two informative sessions that morning, Jasmin shared with at least 30 students his philosophical approach and a journey through time to explain NBT’s position in the global tech ecosystem. The groups of students were visibly curious to see how NBT makes the Internet of Things and blockchain technology into a tangible reality through a mixed focus on hardware and company building. He explained the NBT approach to creating ventures always involves industry partners. Afterwards, the students posed plenty of questions for Jasmin to answer about funding, AI, data, and more.




We welcome this kind of curiosity and look forward to working with the CODE students in the coming semesters. For now, here are some highlights from the morning sessions:


Jasmin explained how NBT is a company builder in IoT and blockchain and an operational VC, uniquely working to strengthen Germany’s economy. NBT is focused on advancing Germany’s long-standing tradition of engineering expertise, and focusing on a future that will no-doubt be decentralized.




Part of Jasmin’s talk navigated how technology and nature are governed by the same laws of physics. In the same way a human cell needs ‘innovation’ to lead to a complex human being – without innovation, there’s no tech development. He discussed game theory parallels of how in chess the first mover’s advantage is only successful if the right strategy follows. In discussing the future of decentralized computers, Jasmin made a parallel to how a single ant cannot achieve what an entire colony can, moving in unison towards a goal.




Jasmin also offered an overview of NBT’s venture design process including all stages and parts of product development. He referenced NASA’s nine levels of tech readiness and compared that to NBT’s proof of concept, demonstrator, MVP pilot, and first product iteration with a customer. He emphasized how important the NBT pillars of security, price point, zero-configuration, and emotion are to effective product development.

He addresses the Gartner hype cycle head on, saying that no technology escapes its scrutiny. Jasmin acknowledges that yes there is hype, and yes, it will only get worse before it gets better. BUT it will get better and the best plan is to be prepared for the later part of the curve, meaning focus on faster and cheaper technological solutions and work with investors who take the long view approach to technology.

Looking to the future, Jasmin stressed the focus on sensors and IoT data marketplaces. He posited that blockchain is much more than Bitcoin or Ethereum. It will be the operating system for IoT, and that in a nutshell is our motivation.


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We look forward to staying in touch with the CODE team and students. Stay tuned to our blog and Medium page for further updates.