Blockchain Week Berlin is fast approaching this month on August 18-29th. Are you ready? We are getting in gear in a few ways and want to keep you updated on some highlights and opportunities to get involved here at NBT in our home at Factory Berlin.

What’s this Week all About?

More than an event, Berlin Blockchain Week is a movement – an inclusive, community organized initiative with no single owner. In this way, it embodies decentralization, where ‘self-organization is the backbone of the ecosystem.’ There will be simultaneous projects that aim to connect and educate people with first-hand knowledge in order to push more mass adoption of blockchain technology.


Mladen Miljic, CTO of METR and David Riding, Hardware Engineering Manager at NBT in the hallways of Factory Berlin

We look forward to participating! Check out what NBT is up to during the week:

1. Crypto Meets Rowing & Vending Machines

For a second year in a row at Factory Berlin, NBT will participate in ETHBerlin, appropriately named ETH zwei, August 25-28. This hackathon is happening right here at our home in Factory’s Görlitzer Park location.

We’ll be inviting hackers to visit our Lab on the 4th floor. We’ll also have 2 rowing machines that are hooked up to the blockchain so anyone can earn NBT Tokens by rowing. It’s sport meets crypto! Get fit and earn.

Our engineering team hacked the Concept2 rowing machines, adding a Raspberry Pi and radio link which connects to a private Blockchain on AWS, based on Ethereum. The Pi is programmed with 3 games.


David Riding, Hardware Engineering Manager at NBT, demonstrates rowing on the Concept 2.

Game 1. Row 100m within 18secs

Game 2: Row 500m within 1:45

Game: 3 Row 1000m within 3:45


David Riding with Ravi Kumar, Software Developer at AssistMe, testing out the rowing machine at NBT

Game 1: Awards 1 token

Game 2: Awards 5 tokens

Game 3: Awards 10 tokens.


In addition to the rowing machines, we’ll have a vending machine where you can use your earned tokens to get cool stuff.


David and Ravi interacting with the crypto-enabled vending machine in the NBT halls of Factory Berlin

There will be 3 levels of rewards available at the vending machine.

1 token: 1980s-style transparent visor caps and sunglasses

5 tokens: Arduino nano

10 tokens: The brand new, all-powerful RPi Version 4

The goal here is to involve our growing blockchain community in something fun that shows how you can connect real devices to the blockchain and promote a functional system that rewards people for their efforts. Stop by to get involved!

2. Enter the Hackathon

We are pleased to announce that our Venture Developer and Blockchain Researcher, Clément Bihorel, will be participating in the ETH zwei hackathon as a competitor. We can’t wait to see what challenge he’ll be working on.


Get to know Clément Bihorel, Venture Developer specializing in blockchain tech at NBT 

3. Explore The Future of Venture Capital

We are also pleased to invite you to an event we’ve organized called: “Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain: The end of Venture Capital as we know it?” Join us as we welcome a panel of prominent VCs and crypto thinkers to share their views and debate the future of investing. Book your spot to hear VCs sharing their insights.


Stay tuned to our Twitter page for more coverage of these exciting events.