Together with our venture development department, we released our new Founders Handbook. It guides entrepreneurs through our offering: from an overview of our venture development lifecycle, to a deep dive into the craft of the company builder model, and much more about the life of an NBT entrepreneur and company founder here in Berlin.

Company building has proven to be a novel alternative for entrepreneurs to drive startup ideas and products to success. Technologies such as IoT and blockchain require adequate technical capabilities and extensive managerial mentorship to develop disruptive business models.

As Europe's leading company builder for the machine economy, we morph revolutionary ideas into impactful ventures through our customized design process. Fueled by ambition and vision, we emphasize fast iteration and customer insight. We individually nurture entrepreneurs and integrally advance business models with our expertise in technology and markets while encouraging entrepreneurial autonomy.

All-in-One: NBT's Founders Handbook

Our handbook gives you insights into our venture building process, from proof of concept to growth. Beyond the business insights into how we develop successful ventures, we also discuss some of the characteristics of the talented founders we are looking for.


Senior Venture Developers Yoann Berno (left) and Warren Fauvel (right). 

Senior venture developer Warren Fauvel presents NBT’s Founders Handbook with the following: “The Founders Handbook is designed to help you understand how we work at NBT. It covers our model, what we offer and explains why you would consider us as a co-founder. If you're involved in starting a machine economy venture and you want the support of an experienced team, then this document is for you!

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