We know pitching ideas is hard. That’s why we created a guide for it. And that’s also why we wanted to give founders and early-stage IoT startups the opportunity to pitch to us during our recent TOA Satellite Event, hosted at Factory Berlin’s Görlitzer Park campus. The range of startup solutions shows how much impact IoT can have across industries and topics including GreenTech, Logistics, Mobility, Security, Virtual Reality, and more.


We were genuinely impressed by what we heard. In case you missed it, you can relive the event right here. It was a fantastic chance to boost our vibrant community and provide a stage for new companies to share their ideas and exercise their voice in this fast-moving space.


TOAxNBT Pitching Session_Attendees


To provide constructive feedback to the pitching participants, we featured a jury of blended expertise, consisting of serial entrepreneur and technologist Jeff Katz, German Insurer HDI’s Dr. Verena Brenner, and NBT’s CFO Christoph Brück.




“What’s your magic?”

With this question, Jeff Katz ( pictured above left) led pitchers to quickly reflect on their USP. The jury asked polite but pointed questions after each pitch to intentionally put the presenters in the hot seat. This sparked the pitchers to grapple with everything from team descriptions to defending their tech or business plans.

Two startups especially impressed the jury and subsequently won the pitching session. But everyone had polished presentations and here’s a sample of who we heard from, which shows the diversity of solutions in this space:


ZkSystems: 1st place winner

ZkSystems’ blockchain is used for tamper-proof asset tracking, pay-per-use servitization of factories and industrial machines, dynamic pricing, track and trace solutions, and other innovative use cases for Industry 4.0.


TOAxNBT Pitching Session_ZKSystems-1


Journey Protector: 2nd place winner

Journey Protector offers a device and system to protect drivers, haulage firms and their freight from loss or damage caused by clandestine stowaways. Their CEO delivered dire stats about how important it is to protect human lives put at risk by current border conflict.


TOAxNBT Pitching Session_JourneyProtect


Deep Atom

DeepAtom is an AI-first company that builds scalable and highly impactful plug-and-play deep learning powered solutions for logistics and manufacturing. Find out what they are doing to digitize, connect and optimize industrial environments here.

TOAxNBT Pitching Session_deepatomAI


Berlin Green

This startup is bringing smart indoor gardens to your home or office. They provide a nicely designed box, seeds, sensors, and a smart app to yield fresh harvest and provide more greenery in your living and workplaces. Check them out here.


TOAxNBT Pitching Session_BerlinGreenTech


Xibit UG

XIBIT is a mixed reality platform for 3D digital art. They’re creating immersive experiences in VR that appeal to both artists and brands who want to expand their reach and play with innovative UX. Learn more here.


TOAxNBT Pitching Session_XibitVR


Dappex/Open Motors

This Mobility-as-a-Service/ridesharing IoT/blockchain project raised social impact questions around who owns and finances fleets of vehicles used in ridesharing. Open Motors’ perspective is that multiple stakeholders can directly or indirectly participate in a more inclusive ownership structure.


TOAxNBT Pitching Session_OpenMotors



Devguard.io is the first and largest end-to-end encrypted IoT management suite designed from the ground up for security and safety.


TOAxNBT Pitching Session_DevGuard


Wrapping up

Thanks to TOA for their foresight in offering the possibility of satellite events around their future-proofing conference. And thanks to all our event participants who came to pitch as well as network and ask questions.


TOAxNBT Pitching Session_Guests


By soliciting a call to startups, we heard responses from India, China, the UK, and across Germany, indicating that the IoT startup scene is alive and well. To support that, we welcome founders and early stage startups in the IoT and blockchain space to reach out to us with their ideas. As a company builder for the Machine Economy, we are a niche investor and expert co-founder who can help realize your ideas.


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