Europe’s Company Builder in IoT & Blockchain Pioneers New Way to Fund Ventures

For Immediate Release

Berlin, Germany

Next Big Thing AG (NBT) is proud to be one of the first companies pioneering Neufund’s disruption of the private equity industry. NBT is an IoT and Blockchain company builder offering a complete framework for venture acceleration. As an operational VC, technology provider, and innovation partner, NBT is composed of a strong team of business architects, technology experts, and experienced founders. Neufund is a blockchain-based equity fundraising platform, an ecosystem of smart contracts operating on the Ethereum blockchain allowing companies to tokenize their equity.

As one of the first companies announced by Neufund, NBT joins international companies from diverse industries to pave the way for a new approach to fundraising, where investors and inventors will fund ventures using the advantages of blockchain technology.

NBT’s early participation in this Equity Token Offering (ETO) has significant impact on how Blockchain and IoT ventures would receive funding. In keeping with NBT’s track record of launching innovative ventures, the ETO will lead to an increase in smart solutions for real-word challenges.

In support of this latest development, NBT CEO and Founder Harald Zapp says:

"Companies and entire economies depend on readiness and capacity for innovation. Competition for talent and ideas decides the future, with digital data as future-development currency. NBT AG and Neufund support this leap for the digital revolution, democratizing equity fundraising on the blockchain."

The beauty of this collaboration is that it opens up high tech investment more broadly, while in the past you needed to have deep pockets to get in the game. Everyone now has the opportunity to participate in shaping the future of IoT in Europe by investing in NBT’s token, NEXT.

Neufund’s legal and technical infrastructure means ETOs are ringing in a new era of legal and secure ICOs, where tokens guarantee equity rights. Investments can be made with either ETH and EUR, closing the gap between the crypto world and traditional investment.

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