European company builder in IoT and Blockchain, Next Big Thing AG, recently moved into the new Görlitzer Park location of Factory, a private member business club. The move expands key areas of NBT's venture development, IoT lab, and de:hub role. Together with other entrepreneurs and corporates, NBT joins a growing and vibrant community.

This Spring, Next Big Thing (NBT) packed up for our new home at Factory Görlitzer Park. We did the move within Berlin ourselves; it was a bonding experience for a team of over 50 people, carrying boxes up stairs and setting up shop. Since then, NBT and our ventures have been thriving in our new setting and we're excited to share aspects of our environment with you.

Although NBT is already a partner with our fellow Berlin IoT de:hub representative, Factory, the move has significance – both for our team as well as the impact we aim to have on the Berlin startup ecosystem and global IoT community.



NBT is a Berlin-based company builder offering a complete framework for the acceleration of IoT and Blockchain ventures. Our goal is to promote digital transformation and IoT- and Blockchain-driven innovation for SMEs in Germany by building great companies. We offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to build upon progressive ideas for real use cases in IoT while connecting to industry partners, and benefiting from NBT business mentorship and tech expertise. Our in-house Engineering team is vital to NBT and venture success. They help the ventures validate their ideas by quickly prototyping possible solutions with hardware and software.


NBT now occupies nearly half of the 4th floor in the beautifully-renovated former AGFA photography supply  building, next to Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg. We love being one of the early occupants of this incredible space, so we'd like to offer a sneak preview of why we like it here at Factory.


All Work and No Play? No Way.

So, what makes it so much fun to come to work each day? Let us count the ways!

1. Shared recreational spaces: ball pit and cinema, and it's all dog-friendly:FGP_Ballpit


2. Communal eating areas: café and restaurant with delicious food and shared kitchen areas:




3. Open working areas: Library with well-curated art & design books, solo-call booths, meeting boxes, and bookable meeting rooms:




4. And an overall highly-designed, inspiring, and creative ambiance:



As a business club for startups and community of innovators, Factory is the ultimate example of how to bring a community together by offering them useful interactions and optimised working conditions. One key feature of this environment is the increased odds for in-person serendipity: fetching coffee or sharing a brunch in the communal kitchens inevitably leads to conversation about individual interests and professional passions.


Online, Factory's Slack channel fosters a tightly knit and supportive community that meets IRL. Factory also offers an impressive array of ongoing events to share knowledge with other startup founders, close proximity of corporates and entrepreneurs (Siemens, Daimler, and Google are here), guest lectures, delicious brunches, after-work drinks, and more to come.


Growing into the Space

This new relocation is fundamental for NBT by giving our various company elements a dedicated space to grow. As a company-builder we now have rooms for our ventures, HR/Finance, Marketing/Design, Venture Development, our Engineering Team, and excitingly, an IoT Lab.


We’re delighted to be a part of what’s taking shape at Factory and hope you’ll join us for future events. Stay tuned via our social channels and newsletter for first-news on what’s brewing.

If you'd like to work alongside motivated people in our amazing new location. Click here to browse our current positions.

See you soon!

(Photos by Elisheva Marcus and Seth Fuchs)