NBT's PropTech venture METR GmbH receives investment from the GBG Group, one of the largest housing companies in Germany, to foster IoT innovation in Real Estate.

Feb 27, 2019 | Berlin, Germany

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PropTech Startup METR Reaches Major Milestone

Next Big Thing AG’s venture, METR GmbH, has reached a new milestone that bodes well for the future of IoT in Germany’s housing industry. ServiceHaus GmbH, the service company of the GBG Group from Mannheim, has become a shareholder of Berlin-based, PropTech startup, METR Building Management Systems GmbH.

METR is developing an IoT-platform which enables connected use cases in the residential building industry. Their hardware and software solutions provide device connectivity, data collection and analysis. Through data insights, METR develops business cases for housing companies – beginning with submetering and predictive maintenance of the technical building equipment. METR’s solutions help housing companies make their administrative processes more efficient and sustainable, while supporting property managers.

A Win-Win for Real Estate Innovation

This investment brings innovative benefits to all sides. It successfully positions GBG as a forward-thinking digital housing company who is expanding into Big Data and IoT. For METR, they’ve gained a new partner who is an expert in the housing industry and who focuses on efficient building and digital services.

METR’s CEO Dr. Franka Birke, says of the investment: "With the GBG Group, we have a strong strategic partner with extensive expertise in real estate at our side, who will take us a big step forward in the development of the IoT platform for connected services in the housing industry."

For Robin Schwarz, Managing Director of ServiceHaus GmbH, the investment is a logical step in the positioning of the service company: "Coming from the analogue measuring service, we are now two steps ahead. On the one hand, we receive a gateway that can use the data from the digital devices that we transfer to the GBG inventories. On the other hand, we have an open platform that allows us to think about other digital services that are scalable."

Harbinger of a Connected Housing Industry

This partnership is significant as it signals to Germany and more broadly to Europe, that investing in an IoT startup with a proven track record is the way forward. It paves the way for investor confidence in IoT startups, given that they are equipped to develop solutions to wide-spread challenges in growing urban environments. As METR continues to expand, they plan new customer-focused use cases for the future.

About the Companies

METR was founded in October 2016 with company builder for Internet of Things and Services (IoT) and blockchain-based business models, Next Big Thing AG, as lead investor. METR's goal is to bring more transparency into the condition of technical systems in buildings and to make the management of living spaces more efficient. METR is therefore developing an intelligent building management platform that enables networked applications in the housing industry.


Next Big Thing AG is a Berlin-based IoT and blockchain company builder designing and co-founding high-tech ventures. NBT promotes entrepreneurship, catalyzes innovation for corporate partners, and grows Europe’s digital economy. As an operational VC, NBT provides mentorship, financing, and engineering know-how. By building new services and products on top of technology, NBT develops scalable business models.

As Germany’s Digital Hub for IoT, NBT attracts a strategic network of investors, business partners, policy-makers, startups, and German SMEs to make entrepreneurship accessible– translating new technologies into value, which benefits stakeholders across industries.


The GBG group includes GBG - Mannheimer housing construction company mbH ( the largest local housing construction company in Baden Württemberg), BBS (the education building enterprise of the city of Mannheim), the project development company MWSP, and the service company ServiceHaus (who operates beyond Mannheim city limits).

Read the full story from the GBG Group perspective here.

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