NBT along with a team of coders, sensor specialists and blockchain developers went to Laax, Switzerland for a hackathon. Under the umbrella of the project BountyBoards – led by NBT blockchain developer Martin Maurer – the team headed down to the Alps for a weekend of snow and hacking at 2500m.

BountyBoards goes to Laax

Under the guidance of Weisse Arena Group and Next Big Thing AG, the Winter Hack LAAX hackathon took place from April 5-7, 2019 in Laax, Switzerland. For three intense days, the Swiss winter resort transformed into a “sandbox” for a data-driven economy based on the infrastructure that blockchain and IoT provide, using Bounty Boards as a first implementation.

The underlying idea of the hackathon was to create an ecosystem and explore ways to reward board sport riders with tokens to be used in the resort as virtual currency. 


Group photo of the attendees of the NBT hackathon in Laax. 

NBT and BountyBoards invited a multidisciplinary group consisting of top coders, boardsport amateurs & pros, sensor engineers, data scientists, and hackers with a track record of Ethereum development. Amongst the attendees from NBT were Parag (Sr. Full Stack Engineer), Cornelius (Director of Blockchain), Martin (BountyBoards project leader), Willy (Embedded Development) and others.

How snowboarding meets hacking

During the hackathon in the mountains of the Swiss region of Flims, professional and amateur riders tested out the BountyBoard sensors. The underlying idea of the sensors is that borders receive token rewards in exchange for successfully completing a trick. Those tokens can later be used around the resort for gear or snacks.


Riders testing out the sensors in the snowpark. 

Coders parsed through the generated data and determined key metrics such as the direction a rider is going, if they are airborne, and how long they are airborne for. In addition to analyzing key metrics, a team worked on matching sensor data with video footage to automatically create a “highlight real" for riders.

Beyond hacking on the BountyBoard stack, blockchain coders worked on integrating crypto purchasing into a coffee machine that would allow riders to trade crypto tokens (earned from successful tricks) for coffee. One direction that was explored by some of the blockchain hackers was to use algorithms to determine the value of tricks to alter rewards.


Sr. Full Stack Engineer at NBT Parag running some tests on the application.  

The hackathon was a clear demonstration of how putting together two seemingly unrelated topics—snowboarding and blockchain—in the right context can produce something new and original. This is what real innovation is, and what we at NBT seek to foster within our ventures, teams, and ecosystem. 

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