It’s often said that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. This is especially true when it comes to energy and resource consumption in both residential and commercial properties.


Energy users often don’t have oversight and accurate knowledge of how energy is being consumed and distributed. Without this information, users continue to inefficiently use scarce resources, putting additional pressure on the electricity grid and perpetuating the cycle of harmful emissions.


However, there’s a solution to this - submetering.


metr Digitizes the Housing Industry with an Innovative IoT Solution

The metr solution gives building managers valuable insights into the operating status of technical building equipment (TGA). With the goal of making management of properties more transparent, efficient and sustainable, metr has developed a manufacturer-independent, scalable submetering solution for the optimized management of living spaces.


metr Submetering


Together with degewo netzWerk GmbH Berlin and the GBG Mannheim group, metr has developed a submetering solution that remotely analyzes user consumption. This solution has been available since January and consists of a multifunctional gateway(m-gate) and IoT platform.


Piloting Smart Living: A Real-world Use Case with metr

The ServiceHaus Service-GmbH for modern living and life, a subsidiary of GBG Mannheim, is one of the very first customers to explore metr’s new submetering solution. In recent months, ServiceHaus GmbH has extensively tested this product with multifunctional gateways (m-gate) in some of their 750 buildings. Over the next four years, the remaining GBG buildings will also be equipped with m-gates.


How Does this Work?

The gateway records data from digital meters and transfers this information to the building management platform. ServiceHaus GmbH remotely monitors and records tenants' water and heat consumption through the use of an extensive IoT infrastructure, consisting of meters, repeaters, and gateways.


"Coming from the analog measurement service, we are now going two steps further. On the one hand, we get a gateway that can use data from the digital devices that we bring into the GBG inventory. On the other hand, we get an open platform that enables us to think about other digital services that are scalable, ”says Robin Schwarz, Managing Director of ServiceHaus GmbH.


The visualization of this data gives greater transparency to ServiceHaus GmbH to better inform tenants about their consumption behavior which can be determined quickly and individually at any time. The meter data is then automatically integrated directly into accounting software via an interface.


Other Users Onboard?

degewo netzWerk GmbH, WSL Wohnen & Service Leipzig GmbH, MET Medien-Energie-Technik Versorgungs- und Betreuungsgesellschaft mbH and Stadtwerke Werdau are already using metr technology.


metr has been working closely with degewo netzWerk GmbH since April 2018 as part of an ongoing R&D partnership. The multifunctional and multi-protocol gateway is only one of several partnership projects, which aims to propel the co-development of products within the housing industry to enable solutions that optimize the management of smart living spaces.


Value Drivers of metr’s Submetering Solution

CEO of metr, Dr. Franka Birke, says, “With the building management platform from metr, administrators receive a solution that enables them to have full transparency about the operating status of their technical systems. At the same time, we offer you more flexibility in the management of living space because our solution has been developed for all manufacturers. This was a particular focus during the development of our first application, submetering.”




Energy monitoring and smart metering, combined with data storage, data analysis, and data visualization enable building managers, engineers, policymakers and governments to make more informed decisions to reduce the impact of our environmental footprint.


In addition, submetering supports 1) improved energy efficiency; 2) digitization; 3) integrated sustainability; 4) dynamic control; 5) optimized equipment performance.


Regulation Compliant: Remote Meters Mandatory from October 2020

From October 25, 2020, all newly installed consumption meters must be able to read and record data remotely. By 2027, all apartments must convert and comply with this new policy.


Building on top of this, rental agreements, rising energy costs, and environmental regulations are increasing the pressure for more cost-effective building solutions.


metr’s submetering solution is addressing these challenges by saving users time, money and helping them to prepare for the new EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), which focuses on implementing additional energy-saving measures in buildings.


What’s Next for metr?

From mid-2020, monitoring of technical building equipment, such as heating and water systems will be available on the market to comply with the Drinking Water Ordinance. This will allow property managers to more effectively and remotely monitor systems in their portfolio through a cost-effective retrofit solution that enables predictive maintenance, identifies early-stage malfunctions, and improves output efficiency.


With the successful launch of submetering, metr is continuing to build a modern IoT infrastructure, enabling connected use cases for the housing industry and democratizing IoT for the smart living sector through affordable, open, and interoperable systems.


As one of Next Big Thing AG’s (NBT) proptech ventures, metr continues to leverage IoT to pave the way in smart and sustainable living solutions. Here you will find the official German press release and original piece published in the news section of metr.


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