ETHBerlin Zwei Hackathon at Factory Berlin's Görlitzer Park location recently wrapped up and it was a huge success. 730 attendees and 88 hack submissions were vying for the generous rewards and sponsored bounties. One of the big takeaways is that DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is very prominent in a developer’s mindshare right now. Building successful interfaces and creating novel business models on DeFi platforms was a common theme among hacking submissions.


NBT played an active part in ETHBerlinZwei in a few different ways; you can read about our rowing and vending machines challenges right here. Check out the action below and stay tuned next for a deeper dive on our blog and Medium publication, where we'll present a technical perspective on event learnings from our blockchain engineer, Aaron Boyd.


DSC05257NBT's Software Engineering Lead, Parag Majumdar, at NBT's rowing machine on Factory Berlin's first floor.


DSC05382ETHzwei Hackathon participants refined both their hacking and rowing skills with NBT's challenge.


DSC05392After completing the rowing challenge, scanning the QR code on the screen attached to the NBT vending machine. 


  1. DSC05162Using the blockchain-enabled vending machine to extract rewards earned via the rowing challenge. 


DSC05397The blockchain-enabled vending machine dispensed successful rowing-challenge participants w/ rewards including Raspberry Pi and Arduino.


DSC05408Thanks, ETHBerlinzwei! We had an amazing time and hope to see you all next year.