At Next Big Thing AG (NBT), we’re enabling deep-tech innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe. We welcome like-minded visionaries – from corporate partners, to entrepreneurs, to technologists– as we model new businesses in IoT and blockchain. Having revamped our website and blog, we now aim to support key players in the IoT and blockchain space by kicking off our new Medium publication, NBT Thing Tank.

It’s a ‘think tank’ to percolate constructive ideas and offer perspective on venture creation and acceleration, highlight tech innovation sprouting across Germany and Europe, and explore vital topics relevant to the IoT and blockchain community.

Join us in shaping this dialogue about a connected future of not only things, but also services surrounding devices and the data they generate.

Who’s Who at Company Builder, NBT

Although Next Big Thing AG launched in 2016, our founders were already wise to startup challenges and business solutions. Harald Zapp, Michael-Maria Bommer, and Maik Käbisch each brought senior level leadership, technical expertise, and growth strategies. CEO Harald Zapp delivers extensive experience in telecommunications and serial entrepreneurial knowledge, including success from the early IoT startup, (relayr).


We’ve successfully grown our seasoned staff since then with a keen eye on sustainability. With key leadership from Jasmin Skenderi (CTO) and Martin Buhl (CFO), as well as a full-stack tech team experienced in IoT, we have multiple ventures across industries: healthcare, energy, prop-tech, logistics, agriculture, and blockchain technology.

NBT’s extensive hardware and firmware capabilities allow us to build and test solutions in-house. Our management team has the experience to guide our entrepreneurs and shape ventures based on real use cases.

Company Building With a Twist

NBT combines the best aspects of an incubator, accelerator, and operational VC. As a company builder in IoT and blockchain, we shape data-driven business models, vetting ideas from the start, and getting to market faster.

We’re a unique kind of company builder in this technology space because diversity is our daily bread: diversity of thought, technological solutions, industries, and nationalities. At NBT, we have people from 15 different countries collaborating on innovative ideas for real-world challenges.

We specialize in partnering with corporations who ensure market reach and industry knowledge. We combine that partnership with our Entrepreneur in Residence Program which fosters entrepreneurial drive, and then we channel that into startup agility.

Enter The Ecosystem

Our ecosystem spans industries where we see big potential for IoT and blockchain. When people join NBT, they access a vast network that encourages professional and personal growth, and knowledge sharing. We lead events, run hackathons, and teach our expertise at meetups; keep your ears open for news on our upcoming community platform.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

As the IoT Hub for Germany, our network involves investors, corporate partners, technology providers, hardware and software engineers, including research from Fraunhofer and community offerings at Factory Berlin. At NBT, we are building the IoT world of tomorrow and shaping a future we believe in.

Our startups tell our story best. We’ll be profiling them, their innovative goals, their founders and tech teams. You’ll see what solutions we are bringing to token economies, elderly care, future energy marketplaces, supply chain, and housing submetering.

We’d be glad to have you along for this exciting ride! Follow this space for more.


If you'd like to visit us, and get a taste of what it's like to build an IoT company from the ground up with NBT, click here and get in touch!