A company builder’s experience-based Guide for entrepreneurs to perfecting your startup pitch. Preparatory questions you can ask yourself, recommendations for best practices, and innovative checklists you can tick off.

Pitch your ideas like a pro with our Guide

Shaping complex ideas to present them simply is one of the first and biggest challenges that early-stage entrepreneurs face. An effective pitch separates you from the rest of the hungry startup pack.

Communicating your ideas is a fundamental aspect of any good pitch. For high-tech startups, it’s especially important to understand how to break down complexity of topics related to the Cloud, Big Data, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – both linguistically and visually.

Being able to express ideas under pressure and tailor your pitch to an audience is imperative. So is a clear sense of branding and purpose. Ultimately, you want to convey your unique solution to a known problem in a relatable way.

With that in mind, we created something helpful to share with tech entrepreneurs.

Why this Guide?

Throughout our experience of co-founding and incubating early-stage startups, we've helped numerous entrepreneurs navigate complexity and refine their ideas – especially pertaining to the specific benefits and challenges of IoT. We’ve seen what works.

So we decided to round up insights into how entrepreneurs can pitch ideas into an easy-to-use Guide, in order to share best results for pitching startup ideas.

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What you’ll discover in the Guide

In essence, a pitch is a performance. Nerves are normal. So you can focus on bringing your A-game, we break down your homework into preparatory questions you can ask yourself, recommendations for best practices, and innovative checklists you can tick off.

You’ll find heads-up on how to clarify your ideas, refine your presentation, and align your branding. You’ll find what you need to:

  • Answer tough questions from investors with ease
  • Represent your brand in a unified a unique way
  • Make design decisions that support your brand
  • Network in ways that positively impact your career

We understand the challenges and we’re happy to share our experience in what works.

Enjoy the guide and let us know what you think! 

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