Founding a startup can be an exhausting journey. Like a roller coaster, being an entrepreneur is a constant back and forth between success and failure, an up and down path to fulfilling one's dream. Pressure becomes omnipresent – sometimes leading to suffering which affects family & friends, too.

Recently, we sat down with our Senior Venture Developer Warren Fauvel who, as a serial entrepreneur, took on the journey of founding a startup himself several times. Luckily, he relied upon the wise words of Mark Suster in his article Entrepreneurshit: The Blog Post on What It's Really Like, Brad Feld's Something New Is Fucked Up In My World Every Day and Ben Horowitz's book The Hard Things About Hard Things that all instructed him along in his journey.

Now, positioned within a venture development department of a company builder, Warren sits on the opposite side of the table – sharing lessons learned from his adventure as a serial entrepreneur:

In response to the struggles faced by entrepreneurs in the field, future founders now are looking towards incubator and accelerator programs, where they receive access to funding or networking opportunities. A new model called company building proves to be even more efficient in providing integral assistance and holistic guidance to startups and entrepreneurs alike on the quest of developing the next unicorn.

Dive into our blog post about company building, and why it is the right option for founders seeking to build a successful company in IoT & blockchain, or get our Founders Handbook below:

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