We’ve said it before and it’s still true: pitching isn’t easy. As a company builder and co-founder of innovative high-tech startups, we understand the challenge. So we create opportunities for people to improve at pitching and move closer to building scalable companies with impact. To support entrepreneurs, we’ve created a guide to pitching and just hosted a second round of Go Big With IoT earlier this month.



This special pitching session encouraged innovation in the IoT space–one that requires specialized knowledge, access to hardware and engineering know-how, effective business modeling, and overall support. This event, built upon a successful earlier pitching session this summer, took place at Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park.


The evening attracted 90 guests and featured nine driven startups who shared fresh concepts in IoT. Read on to see the diversity of pitches and opportunities that follow.


While the session created a forum for entrepreneurs and early-stage companies to be heard and achieve more visibility, it also earned them a chance to win prizes in support of their business endeavors, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) credits and Raspberry Pis. Pitchers benefitted from interacting with a jury who refined effective pitching techniques and posed questions to help shape their business plans and future success.




A Jury that Reflects an Ecosystem


We drew upon our ecosystem as a representative of Germany’s digital hub for IoT innovation, to create a jury who could analyze the presentations and provide constructive feedback.




Our jury (shown below, L-R ) included Arkley Brinc VC’s Managing Partner Bryony Cooper, HERE Technologies’ Senior Product Owner Tracking IoT Kostanija (Conny) Petrovic, HDI’s Member of the Management Board Dr. Thomas Kuhnt, and own CTO Jasmin Skenderi. In particular, the alignment between HDI and NBT is based on a successful new partnership to work together to identify new opportunities in IoT and insurance.




Pitching Fresh Ideas


The evening focused on pitches featuring diverse and unique applications of IoT, showcasing the rich innovation and fresh ideas that abound in the Berlin ecosystem.


Pitchers included for example, a standardized language for AI from Tobias Martens of whoelse.ai; solar outdoor media & waste management innovation from Luciano Guido, Solar Outdoor Media GmbH; decentralized finance and proof-of-stake with Niko Klansek from StakeUnion.





Other notable presentations included Niklas Leck from LivingPackets, Pritam Paltasingh about a Smart Water Meter, and Louis Huard presenting Boreal Bikes.






Winners Take All


The jury awarded the winners as follows: Alicia Sophia Hinon from EngageLabs - Home of CROVE took home the first place; Dieter Schule from MADANA won second place, and Jacek Zawisza, Kamioni took third place.






Thanks to all the pitchers, listeners, and networkers who attended. We hope you had a great time mingling. If you want to relive the experience and hear directly from the pitchers, you can watch the event which was live streamed here.


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