At Next Big Thing AG, we believe in high tech for all, and this affects all we do – from hiring practices to big initiatives. But making tech more accessible is more than an inclusive mindset. It means actually leveling the playing field, connecting ideas with resources, and adding new voices to an established conversation around investment, startups, and technology.

It means diversifying funding and engagement in this space, and we’ve found a way to do it.

As an accelerator, incubator, and operational VC with technological expertise, we see companies, services, and products from many angles: we visualise from an entrepreneurial and creative perspective, from an investor perspective, from a partner viewpoint, and from an engineering standpoint.

One thing we clearly notice is that tech stands to improve by being inclusive – more welcoming of ideas, genders, and nationalities. At NBT we are 60 people strong, represent 22 countries, and more than 25% of our employees are women. We support tech’s transition towards inclusivity in the way we recruit talent and build new companies. And by exploring new use-cases for IoT and blockchain, we aim to expand tech’s positive impact globally.

Through building our ventures, we support ideation and technical advances in hardware and software, as well as promote access to partners and funding. We are familiar with the challenge of securing funding. So we want to see a shift there, and this shift will affect the way ideas get funded.

One way to change the traditional investment model is through token equity.

And here is where blockchain provides a real-life example of technology being used to shake up the status quo. NBT is one of first companies planning to tokenize equity on the blockchain.

Just as IoT connects and utilizes data across devices, the tech industry’s vast reach across individuals and companies has the potential to democratize investment by uniting diverse ideas and people for a common good.

To explore this democratization further, NBT is launching a 3-part story series this Fall to examine equity tokens from different angles. We'll take a closer look at the following topics from October through December:

  1. Harnessing the vast potential of IoT and Blockchain for data-driven businesses with scalable potential.
  2. A brief comparative history of ICOs vs ETO, and how blockchain can elevate equity investment to a new level.
  3. Breaking investment status quo: how opening up high tech investment is the future.

We invite you to join us and contribute your thoughts. Make sure to follow us via the NBT Thing Tank.

Find out more about Neufund, one of the earliest startups to create a investment platform for token equity investment, right here.