Harald Zapp, CEO and Founder of NBT AG, recently spoke at the [next] conference in San Francisco, California on a panel entitled the 'Berlin Startup Scene'. Henning Ravn from Berlin Partner for Business and Technology moderated the panel that included representatives from Next Big Thing, Ada Health, German Autolabs, Ocean Protocol, and Brighter AI technologies.

So, what's [next]?

The [next] conference is organized by TTI/Vanguard, a professional research membership for technology and business leaders. They support research, knowledge access, and networking by bringing together corporate and government leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, and academics to exchange ideas in forums.

In such a forum on December 3-5 2018, participants gathered to explore emerging and potentially disruptive technologies and assess their impact on organizations, policy, and society. In this interactive format, new ideas come to light.

The [next] conference is one four annual forums which take the long-view, considering technological possibilities and focusing on unanticipated sources of change and their transformative promise.

Among this forum's events included a panel about the startup scene of a city that's 5660 miles (or 9108 km) away: Berlin, Germany.

Why Berlin?

Berlin started anew after the fall of the wall. The capital city developed into grounds for exploration and an idea lab. It's outgrown its "poor but sexy" reputation to become an internationally-recognized hub for tech development. Certain success factors unite the startup tech community, represented in this panel of startups, who are each driving innovation in Germany and beyond.

The Startup Scene Berlin panel consisted of:

  • Fernanda Heber, Business Development at Ada Health (AI-based personalized health)
  • Holger G. Weiss, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, German Autolabs (digital assistant for drivers)
  • Fang Gong, Founding Team Member, Ocean Protocol (decentralized data exchange protocol)
  • Harald Zapp, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Next Big Thing (IoT and blockchain company builder). See photo below, courtesy of TTN/Vanguard.
  • Marian Gläser, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Brighter AI Technologies (visual reconstruction as a service)

HZatnextDec2018_1250Harald (shown above) discussed NBT AG's innovative approach to building resilient and pragmatic companies combining entrepreneurial spirit and industry partners in the IoT and blockchain space. He discussed opportunities for these technologies to jointly revolutionize solutions and services across industries including healthcare, energy, security, property management and more. He cited examples of NBT's forward-thinking ventures including Weeve, METR, and AssistMeLearn more about NBT's ventures here

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