Harald Zapp Connects With the Blockchain Ecosystem at e-shelter Partner Forum

NBT CEO Harald Zapp attended the e-shelter partnerforum on September 27, 2018 where he reunited with Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner from the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and Dominik Schiener, co-Founder of IOTA. Together they discussed how blockchain technologies are “crossing the chasm.”


NBT, via their Economy of Things venture Weeve, has been integrally involved as an ecosystem member with both the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and IOTA in a few significant ways:

Dr. Philipp Sandner is the Head of the Blockchain Division at the Frankfurt School of Business and Finance & a Weeve Advisor. He was instrumental in planning last year’s Ethereum Camp, co-sponsored by the Weeve team.

Weeve (formerly known as eciotify) also has a technological connection to IOTA and IOTA’s DAG technology. Weeve's marketplaces and trusted data oracles are blockchain-agnostic; marketplace curators are at liberty to choose the blockchain/technology that is most compatible to their use-case. Weeve could support DAG as a technology-of-choice to be used in a marketplace.

You can watch a bit more deep tech history between Weeve and IOTA here.