To cut through the noise surrounding blockchain technologies, we compiled the essential concepts underlying the technology in a collection of snapshots. Dive in to brush up on useful terminology and the fundamentals around the tech.

As a high-tech company builder, we harness technology for the common good – creating new business opportunities for founders to pursue viable ideas while receiving our support. Part of our ethos is to make technology understandable by breaking down buzzwords and democratizing knowledge. In that spirit, we address the basics of blockchain technology here. 

Beyond the cryptocurrency hype and bull-run of 2017, there is much more to blockchain technology than the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum. In consultation with our in-house blockchain experts, we compiled the fundamental concepts underlying peer-to-peer networks and the distributed ledger technology. NBT's blockchain research analyst Clément Bihorel comments,

“NBT’s Blockchain Toolkit is the ideal entry-level content for learning the fundamental ins and outs around blockchain technology. In it, you will find explanations of key concepts along with further reading materials.”

As part of the toolkit, you'll find the following snapshots on the mechanisms related to blockchain technology:

  1. Peer-to-peer Networks and Distributed Ledger Technology
  2. Non-technical Introduction to Blockchain
  3. Security through Proof-of-Work
  4. The Power of Smart Contracts
  5. Cryptocurrencies Explained
  6. Private and Public Blockchains

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