You likely crossed a bridge on your way to work today. You definitely rode, drove, scooted or walked along sidewalks made of concrete, or entered a building that you presumed to be built on a stable foundation. We tend to take these types of infrastructure for granted, but should we?


Behind every piece of public or private structure is a construction project. Making these projects happen requires a complex constellation of project managers, material suppliers engineers and many more. All stakeholders of the construction industry rely on close cooperation to keep the projects on time and budget.

The reality is that this collaboration presents a major challenge for the industry, and reveals an an unmet need: innovative solutions, especially in terms of optimizing concrete processes. Opportunities for optimization abound: from measuring compressive strength, to assessing the quality of concrete during casting and pouring, to monitoring physical progress and production performance. As it stands, the construction industry needs an upgrade.

Our venture development team at Next Big Thing AG took this as a call of duty to solve these challenges.

We decided to tackle the challenge of how concrete dries and becomes a supportive structural element, at scale. We experimented with our engineers and developed a solution that we think will be less wasteful, more efficient, and provides transparency to construction projects involving concrete.

We’re proud that after months of R&D, analyzing and building the hardware, we co-founded our latest venture, ConcR. We are pleased to introduce to you the Founder, Burak Acilan. Burak is a  serial founder who brings years of experience in the construction industry.


Together we’re co-founding the smart tech solution that will enable an industry to benefit from cutting-edge advances in IoT, causing positive ripple effects globally.


With ConcR, sensors in concrete integrate with existing Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools. This means on-site project managers and designers can visualize measured information automatically via a 3D project model which is instantly updated in the cloud. With a global market volume of over 15.5 Trillion by 2030 according to PWC, we think this stands to have a major impact on the industry.

We look forward to sharing updates with you as well as founder and venture developer’s perspectives as the progress continues. Learn more about new solutions at ConcR.