The US capital is now open to a new wave of democratic ideas. On Saturday June 1st, a big announcement at the intersection of the blockchain and social media space attracted guests from as far away as Germany. Three of the event’s attendees included Harald Zapp, CEO of Next Big Thing AG and of Machine Economy startup Weeve, along with Stefan Schütze from EOS VC and Juan Rodriguez from FinLab AG.

As a backdrop to the trio shown in the photo below, we recently announced that Blockchain expertise from FinLab complements the NBT portfolio and strengthens the development potential for new business models based on IoT and blockchain.


During the festive evening in DC, a well-funded blockchain firm, introduced attendees to their new platform called Voice which is setting out to give users recognition in terms of what content they create and share.’s emphasis on transparency is in notable contrast to Facebook’s recent past and more privacy-focused vision.

Use Your Voice

Voice is built on a public, highly-transparent blockchain called EOS. Using the VOICE token, it’s a new business model that empowers users to share content and benefit from that sharing within a community. User, contributor, and platform all play by the same rules. VOICE tokens are created by real people producing content, and the reward structure works through platform involvement.

This inherently relies on the veracity of the data being shared. Social media itself relies on data that is produced in large volumes. To that end, has built accountability into the platform, stating that Voice ensures account verification.

“Your blockchain keys can be tied to a particular domain or device. This is exactly the kind of security and safely needed to bring blockchain to the masses,” stated Dan Larimer CTO of, who built the EOS.IO platform – called Voice.


Data Authenticity

The high volume of user data that social media generates can be seen in parallel with the growing rise of IoT data generated from multiple sensors. That’s where companies like Weeve, which have experience in data attestation, and other IoT companies who are skilled at dealing with high-volume of data are primed for such markets.

The announcement is a clear reminder how much data authenticity is crucial aspect of social and content-driven initiatives and of the growing number of devices in the IoT space. The event confirms that technologies such as blockchain enable new business models with far-reaching effects, particularly as the data that enters the machine economy must be attested. As more and more devices are connected through sensors to the Internet of Things, the omnipresent need to verify data is exponentially increasing.

We’re glad to see this getting recognized in major US cities and welcome it here in Germany as well.

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