Innovation competitions can present a great opportunity for startups to promote themselves and become recognised as leaders in their fields by respected awards bodies. Our smart building startup, Metr, were shortlisted from 74 startups to pitch their venture along with 19 others at the Degewo innovation competition "Smart Up The City 2017" at Telefónica BASECAMP.

The competition, organised by Berlin's leading housing association Degewo, aimed to reveal the greatest business models and technologies in the areas of real estate management, energy supply, building automation, mobility and communication. Ulrich Jursch, Managing Director of degewo netzWerk GmbH revealed that the ideas of all 20 selected start-ups are characterized by the convincing approaches that address an existing problem for housing construction companies.

From the 20 startups selected to pitch, Metr have been selected as one of five finalists.

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