In honor of International Women's Day 2018, we caught up with Darina Onoprienko. She shared her experience, thoughts on women in tech, and valuable advice for entrepreneurs.

Darina Onoprienko is Program Manager and Venture Developer at Next Big Thing AG. With a Master of Science in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, she has developed a deep interest in IoT, blockchain, cleantech, sustainable transportation, supply chain management, and design thinking.

In addition to heading our Entrepreneur in Residence program, Darina spearheads a new NBT venture in supply chain, called evertrace. At the upcoming Moin Blockchain Event March 9-10 in Hamburg, she’ll be participating in a panel on supply chain among other blockchain and diversity in tech enthusiasts. On March 13-14 in Frankfurt, Darina will be pitching her venture, evertrace, at the Global InsureTech Road Show.

In honor of International Women’s Day this week, we invited Darina to discuss with us her dual leadership role inside NBT, IoT Company Builder of Europe.

Darina normally hosts these interviews, but this time we put the spotlight on her. We asked her these questions; listen to the video for answers!

1. How did your studies and previous jobs prepare you for your current role?

2. Growing up, did you have any role models in science, tech, or entreprenuership? 

3. What lessons do you learn from your venture role that you apply back to your Program Management position?

4. What are the biggest obstacles in supply chain management that you are finding solutions for with evertrace?

5. We have female CEOs and CPOs here at one of our ventures, as well as women in diverse roles at NBT. We would love to see more to that. What advice would you offer to women who have an entrepreneurial drive and interest in either IoT or blockchain?


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