The implementation experts of Next Big Thing count on the combination of IoT and blockchain for the innovation epicentre Germany.

Blockchain expertise from FinLab complements the NBT portfolio and strengthens the development potential for new business models based on IoT and blockchain.

With partner HDI, NBT is already developing data-driven IoT offerings in the insurance industry – made in Germany.

Berlin | May 15, 2019 – Company Builder Next Big Thing AG (NBT) is addressing the future topic par excellence for Germany as a location for innovation in its current financing round: the IoT experts have won FinLab AG through its FinLab EOS VC Fund as another investor. The venture capital fund focuses on companies that combine existing business models with blockchain technology. Thus the portfolio of NBT is ideally complemented and one thing becomes particularly clear: The trend technology Blockchain has found its next large field of application in the combination with IoT besides the crypto currencies.

IoT and blockchain are shaping the future of industry – and the machine economy

The combination of IoT and blockchain will be a decisive driving force on the way to the machine economy, and this is exactly where NBT and FinLab come into play. NBT sees the machine economy as an essential driver for the development of Germany as epicentre of innovation. Here, Germany must continue to develop in order to be able to keep up with the competition in the future. With a clear focus on democratizing technology and the machine economy, NBT is laying the foundation for a future of automation through smart contracts and sensors that automate communication between connected devices and thus, the entire value chain more efficient.

“IoT is the killer application par excellence, thanks to which cities become smart cities, buildings become intelligent and better managed, and power grids become flexible for the future challenges of electromobility. Business models such as Hardware-as-a-Service will also be part of this. But only in combination with smart contracts and new possibilities of micropayment in the blockchain, do unexpected possibilities open up for the future machine economy – be it intelligent contracts, attestation and authorization mechanisms or the tracing of a supply chain, all of which mean a gain in efficiency,” explains Harald Zapp, founder and CEO of NBT, and then adds: “This is the future we are heading for. The opportunity to now integrate the EOS.IO blockchain software into our ideas and business models will allow us to pick up speed even more.”

Key technology blockchain

For a long time the blockchain was in absolute connection with crypto currency. Now it becomes clear: The technology can be more than just a pure payment medium. Together with select companies and a broad partner network in Germany and Europe, the NBT ecosystem develops new solutions for concrete problems in different markets – first and foremost Industrie 4.0. The venture evertrace for example, which has already been successfully incorporated, offers a platform for all parties involved in a logistics chain and, with the help of IoT and blockchain technology, can revolutionize the entire dispatch process with real-time tracking. Further ventures are planned and will herald industrial innovation in the machine economy sector.

Investors behind the FinLab EOS VC Fund are FinLab AG, a listed German investment company and Company Builder specializing in the FinTech sector, as well as, the developer behind the leading Blockchain software EOS.IO. The lead investor in the in April secured Series A round is the industrial insurer HDI, represented by Hannover Digital Invest GmbH. In cooperation, HDI and NBT are developing innovative products and business models based on IoT and Blockchain in order to offer insurance customers further beneficial solutions and services in the future.

Next Big Thing AG founded by Harald Zapp and Maik Käbisch is a combination of a Company Builder, an Innovation Hub and a Think Tank. NBT’s team of experts has many years of experience in implementing IoT topics and has access to a broad network of specialists. With this expertise, NBT successfully develops and tests new business models together with entrepreneurs and investors.

“The fact that we were able to attract a blockchain expert in FinLab and an industrial insurer in HDI as investors is a big step forward for us. In the future, additional completely new business models will emerge besides the current innovations – and thus also new investment opportunities,” says NBT co-founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board Maik Käbisch.

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Next Big Thing AG (NBT), founded in 2016, is a Berlin-based IoT and Blockchain Company Builder that establishes successful companies. The company provides a full range of services for the development of IoT joint ventures. NBT is Europe's leading company builder for the Internet of Things and Services (IoT/IoS) and blockchain and currently has 61 employees from 21 nations. As a company builder and corporate innovation partner and operational VC, NBT acts as a hub of a growing ecosystem of companies, founders, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors and politicians.

With its unique know-how in IoT, NBT is the point of contact for innovations in Europe – so that companies can realize promising innovations with extraordinary speed. NBT is part of the de:hub, the digital hub initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, which integrates medium-sized and large companies with new innovation partners from science and the start-up scene into a Germany-wide digital network. Further information can be found at

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