NBT's CEO Harald Zapp recently embarked on an Executive Insight Tour of Singapore. The tour was organized by IMP and involved ten C-Level individuals from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The executives on this trip got an insider look at how Singapore has developed a uniquely powerful industry – ripe with innovation, especially via startups, and offers investment opportunities.


The goal was to discover the Singapore Innovation & Research Ecosystem, which consists of at least 22 research institutes whose work touches a wide range of topics from cancer to robotics, as well as ESG, a government agency championing enterprise development, among others. The tour visited many innovation-centric labs, hubs, and maker-spaces as well as major industrial sites where multi-national corporations are actively doing business.




ARTC ASTAR Group Photo (2) 3 Sep 2019


From exploring pilot projects from the Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute to success stories in aquaculture and water management, Harald and the other attendees were treated to a wide range of promising cutting-edge innovations and applications. 




An important aspect of the tour involved the ARTC (The Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre), which is a contemporary platform built upon strong public-private partnerships. The ARTC is led by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), in partnership with the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), as indicated below. 




The tour provided an opportunity to showcase how NBT works together with the ARTC on research projects in the field of cybersecurity, such as a blockchain-based digital asset tracing (see image below.)




Furthermore, the visit launched a possible collaboration between NBT and Singapore's A* Star Graduate Academy, which could help bring students to NBT in Berlin for an internship. Insights gleaned from this trip add to NBT's international ecosystem and show how Industry 4.0 is of global importance. The exchange reinforces NBT's efforts to illuminate the benefits of the Machine Economy and further position Germany centrally in a global marketplace.