Next Big Thing AG, GlobalFoundries, and Fraunhofer IIS EAS are building the next generation of secure IoT-chips through the launch of their jointly-founded design and manufacturing company, Sensry.


Mar 27, 2019 | Dresden, Germany

Technological breakthroughs call for innovative synergies. Next Big Thing AG (NBT) is delighted to announce a ground-breaking partnership among three future-focused organizations who will combine their expertise and resources to develop the IoT-chips of the future.

GlobalFoundries, (the leading full-service semiconductor producers), Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (Europe’s largest scientific research partner’s Engineering Division for Adaptive Services), and Next Big Thing AG (visionary company builder in IoT security at the center of the European IoT ecosystem) are combining forces to found a joint venture, Sensry.

Jasmin Skenderi, CTO of NBT, who spearheaded the concept and advised the project’s architecture comment as follows:

“The importance of secure IoT systems is growing each day. With integrated hardware crypto units, protective working mode and side-channel resilience, Sensry insures security by design. Sensry introduces a completely new way of hardware on-the-fly configuration including the radio units and RISC-V configurable core. I am delighted that we are shaping the future of IoT and integrating it into the emerging ecosystem of secure data communications and machine economies.”

Read the official press release published by GlobalFoundries Dresden here (in German).

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