Across Europe, we see a combination of electricity costs rising, a demand for more sustainable ways to meet electricity needs, and a lack of energy-efficient buildings. This scenario sets the challenge for innovative players to emerge.


We know customers expect access to green and sustainable products and solutions. We believe sustainable solutions will benefit urban infrastructure and multiple players across the housing industry – from building managers to tenants.


One concrete question to focus on is this: How can building owners and managers implement a strategy to reach new energy-efficient targets? We are tackling this strategic challenge by investing in the cleantech venture, AUXOLAR.


Introducing: AUXOLAR


AUXOLAR is our newest portfolio company who serves the German and European market with innovative solar products for the housing industry. Based out of Berlin, AUXOLAR provides clean and energy-efficient systems, adapted to apartment housing buildings and delivered turnkey on request. In handling the precise on-site installation of solar panels for a building’s facade or roof-top, AUXOLAR’s customers get property-specific options and models adapted to their wishes.


Europe’s traditional buildings need sustainable solutions that can be easily integrated. Building occupants and owners benefit from a maximized return on renewable resources. AUXOLAR delivers on both points.



We’re proud to be backing AUXOLAR to help them create headway with new corporate partners, to expand their business, and to bring an even stronger positive environmental impact – saving natural resources and providing cost savings. It’s a 360-degree win.


An Experienced Team Is a Deciding Factor


In fact, it was the team at AUXOLAR who caught our attention and was a major incentive for us to invest. Founder & CEO Florian Herrmann and fellow Founder & COO Uwe Lebelt worked successfully in diverse positions across the energy industry; they bring deep familiarity and extensive energy sector network connections. This makes them highly capable of tailoring renewable energy and storage solutions to shape future city landscapes.


FlorianAUXOLAR's Founder and CEO, Florian Herrmann


Uwe-1AUXOLAR's Founder and COO, Uwe Lebelt


We recognize a strong team and validated business approach in AUXOLAR, who combines years of expertise and experience in the field of solar systems and smart digital solutions. Combining AUXOLAR’s existing network in the energy sector with NBT’s tech focus plus business expertise is a positive leap forward for a greener Europe.


Now is the Right Time for Sustainability


With the current climate crisis reaching new levels, everyone has a role to play in making Germany and Europe greener. In light of Europe’s recent commitment to becoming climate neutral by 2050, we predict those who invest in sustainable solutions are on the right track. We can’t wait to see the widespread impact AUXOLAR will have on the energy sector and housing market. As we kick off a new decade, we’re glad to welcome a venture into our portfolio who is dedicated to sustainability.


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With AUXOLAR, we’re getting closer to the city of tomorrow, today.