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March 2018

Embedded System Engineers Build Gateways to Innovation

When talking to Aravinth Panchadcharam, Senior Embedded Systems Engineer at Next Big Thing, excitement for new technology is contagious. Aravinth is an accomplished and rare blend of robotocist, new media artist, and environmentalist who made his way from Sri Lanka to Germany – meanwhile.

February 2018

Hi from the NBT Thing Tank.

At Next Big Thing AG (NBT), we’re enabling deep-tech innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe. We welcome like-minded visionaries – from corporate partners, to entrepreneurs, to technologists– as we model new businesses in IoT and blockchain. Having revamped our website and blog, we now aim to.

February 2018

Industrie 4.0 Meets Innovation 4.0 at DTIM 2018

‘Industrie 4.0’ was born in Germany, so let’s explore this term’s definition from right here in Berlin. Also called Industry 4.0, it signifies both a vision and reality which is transforming industry and manufacturing from end-to-end. It involves big data analytics, the cloud, digital twin.

February 2018

Hinterland of Things Fuels Germany's Innovation

On February 8, 2018, Germany’s brightest innovators met in Bielefeld to chart a digital future together with leadership from some of the hidden champions of the nation’s economy. This first-time conference called “Hinterland of Things” connected industry, SMEs, and startups in the.

February 2018

The Rise of Company Building in the IoT Research & Development Race

McKinsey report estimating the potential of IoT to generate $11 Trillion in value by 2025 has led to many senior business leaders across the globe investing in IoT research and development or planning to implement IoT solutions in the coming years. Many of these investments, however, failed to.

February 2018
October 2017

Internet of Thoughts: Jens, Founder of Healthcare IoT Startup Assistr, Shares His Story

Building a venture in the healthcare IoT space is no easy task, but the rewards for those that are successful can be great. Jens Grudno founded Assistr in collaboration with NBT last year and has since been working to develop a solution for healthcare IoT that has real market value. Following.

October 2017

CEO, Harald Zapp Invited to Celebrate 50 years of Berlin's Partnership with Los Angeles at TOA LA

To mark 50 years of partnership between Berlin and Los Angeles, TOA LA hosted an event in the Californian city to celebrate. The event was held to bring Los Angeles, San Francisco and Berlin closer together, driving innovation and cooperation between these world leading tech cities in the fields of.

September 2017

Our Smart Building Startup, Metr, Reach the Finals of the Degewo Innovation Competition

Innovation competitions can present a great opportunity for startups to promote themselves and become recognised as leaders in their fields by respected awards bodies. Our smart building startup, Metr, were shortlisted from 74 startups to pitch their venture along with 19 others at the Degewo.

August 2017

Discover the Future of IoT & Blockchain in Commercial Real Estate at our September Event

On Thursday 14th September we will be opening our offices up to discuss how IoT and Blockchain will disrupt the commercial real estate industry in the coming years. Speakers include Tom Brandenburger, Associate Development Manager at OVG Real Estate, Prof. Dr. Katarina Adam at HTW and CTO of Next.