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NBT CTO Jasmin Skenderi on Data Attestation and the Role of Startups in the NGI

In Pictures: CTO, Jasmin Skenderi Speaks at Startups @ Digitale Vernetzung by Fraunhofer

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Internet of Thoughts: Jens, Founder of Healthcare IoT Startup Assistr, Shares His Story

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CEO, Harald Zapp Invited to Celebrate 50 years of Berlin's Partnership with Los Angeles at TOA LA

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Our CTO, Jasmin spoke at Startup Night to discuss IoT in Berlin

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Our CTO, Jasmin Skenderi will be Speaking at Startup Night Berlin

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CEO, Harald Zapp speaks at Technologiestiftung Press Conference to Discuss IoT in Berlin

IoT: Strategic partnership between Next Big Thing AG and Fraunhofer-Research in Berlin

CEO, Harald Zapp invited to Discuss IoT at Technologie Stiftung Press Event

Next Big Thing AG Opens its Doors to Russian & Chinese Entrepreneurs

German Government Awards Next Big Thing AG 'Digital Hub Status' for IoT

CEO, Harald Zapp Speaks All Things Entrepreneur at Commerzbank Conference

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Our CTO, Jasmin Skenderi spoke at the launch of the Fraunhofer Berlin Centre for Digital Transformation